What is ClimateACTNOW

ClimateACTNOW is an Erasmus+ project made to motivate and inspire young people to act immediately against climate change for a more sustainable future. 

Our project’s GENERAL objectives: 

1. Promoting European cooperation in the youth field; 

2. Promoting the active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular; 

3. Developing solidarity and promoting tolerance among young people, in particular to promote social cohesion in the European Union; 

4. Developing mutual understanding between young people from different countries. 

More SPECIFIC objectives : 

1. Raising awareness about climate change 

2. Expanding knowledge about climate change (e.g. its causes and consequences); 

3. Gaining skills to act against climate change and contribute to climate solutions; 

4. Being engaged in challenging, yet entertaining climate-based activities in youth exchange with young people from other European countries.